How to check & fix adjacent geometry? / Might Sight Bevel is not working


Does anyone know how to check for adjacent geometry problems?
I cannot use the bevel tool on this edge.

I don’t think it is an extension problem, but there might be some issues with my model.
I have already checked the normal and used the edge tool to verify it.
However, I am still getting an adjacent geometry error in SKP. Can anyone help me understand why?"

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

“I have also attached the SKP file here. Download from this link.

Mind Sight Stuio BEVEL is great tool and fun to use.
Bevel Edges in SketchUp - Fillets, Chamfers, and More (

Here is the file with the bevel applied, the problem was that the model was to small, I scaled by 100 and used the same plugin to bevel it.
Adgacent Edge Problem 2023.09.25.skp (215.3 KB)


Hi @francisquitof

Thank you for sharing this trick!
I also tried scaling up by 100, and then the bevel tool worked as expected.