How to change the program language

Now download the program in Japanese. Want to change it to Thai or English?

What version of the software? Your profile shows you are using SketchUp 6 Pro. That version has not been available for more than 15 years.
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You must uninstall the program and install it again choosing the language you want. There used to be different installers for every language but now there’s only one installer where you choose a language during the installation.

By the way Thai isn’t a language supported by sketchup.

For SketchUp on On IOS you go to settings in IOS.

Find SketchUp in the list and in there you will find the app language setting

6.3.2 is an i.Pad version

iPad uses Settings->General->Language & Region. There isn’t currently a way to use a language that is different to the one the iPad is using.


And in the past couple of iOS versions, you can set a preferred language per app: Go to Settings and search for SketchUp. Click on SketchUp, and you’ll see “Language”. Select your choice.

SketchUp for iPad doesn’t have Thai right now, but you can use English on a Japanese configured iPad if you’d like.