How to change the axis to a component plane, for a logarithmic spiral?

Hi all, I’ve made a logarithmic spiral made from multiple sections (rings with an angled plane) which was intended to be CNC’d. What I now want to do is rotate each sections on the previous sections plane. There are 102 sections all with an angled plane from 5 degrees to 15.

Any advice welcome.

That’s a nice looking model but I don’t understand what it is you want to do with these components now that you’ve got them in place. Perhaps you could show an example of what you want to end up with?

Cheers for the reply. Using my existing logarithmic spiral, I want to be rotate each section on the plane of the previous section so I can create a something like this -

I see. How about setting up each component with gluing attributes and it’s origin at the center of the ring? Put a temporary face on the side opposite the axis.

Got to look and see what gluing attribute are… I will test and report back. In an idea world, would it be possible to create a lined spiral (or any shaped line) and on each section create a point which anchors to that line?

You could create a centerline curve with vertices at intervals and anchor the components to those points. You might need to manually rotate each component a little.

Alternatively, maybe it would be easier to draw the shape of the shell have break it up into components instead. You could draw beginning and end circles and the path and use Fredo’s Curviloft.

What a PIG! Though I have now worked out how to make new shapes with the existing form.