How to cut logs into diagonal sections?

Hi, any ideas how to cut along this line to make diagonal cuts in each log and create a smooth edge?Spiral Labyrinth.skp (1.2 MB)

Use trim of solid tools as shown in the video?

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Here’s an animation of the final steps discussed above. By way of preparation, I drew the arch shape and positioned it parallel to the opening. I also made Groups of all the posts above the arch, since the solid tools need solid Groups or Components to work. I pushpulled the arch through the wall, then formed a Group from the result. Then I selected the trim solid tool and trimmed the arch from each of the posts. At the end you should delete the arch.

You could accomplish the same thing without creating groups or needing the Pro version by creating and pushpulling the arch, then selecting it and all the posts it touches and doing a right-click Intersect Faces With->Selection. Finally, erase the parts within the arch.

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Thanks so much!

I had difficulty making the logs into groups, but would build differently next time. Also hadn’t used solid tools before so am exploring them.

However achieved the result using the second method you suggested easily.

Thanks for your time

Thanks so much for your reply,

I haven’t used the solid tools before, and realise I will need to build more carefully in order to make them work, the video really useful.


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glad everything worked out for you :smiley:

One of the lessons learned: make geometry into Groups before positioning it next to other geometry. Once loose geometry “sticks” to other geometry it can be difficult to isolate it again.