How to change the axis on a nested dynamic component. Rotz axis property keeps resetting to 161 degrees

Dynamic Door Child Component Rotation Anomaly.v2.skp (2.3 MB)
The onclick animate axis rotz of my child component is different when editing the child component as when editing the parent component. In a previous thread I have read that one cannot change the axis without deleting all the dynamic properties - but this does not work in my case.
For instance, I have set a door to rotate nicely about a parent Z axis Onclick ANIMATE(“RotZ”,-90,0,-90) and it works fine when focused on the parent. However, when focused in the child, a Rotz resets to 161 degrees for no apparent reason.
To no effect I have tried:

Hope this was what you were trying to accomplish.
I’ve noticed the wall and post were a bit crooked, so ive replaced them with new parts.
Also noticed you did not give each doorpanel a unique name, so i guess the programm could not determine which panel to rotate.
Renamed the doorpanels “doorL” (left) and “doorR” (right) and made sure the axis were at the correct corner and orientated the same direction as shown below:

Last i’ve purged all unused items and the filesize dropped from 2,5 MB to 0,9MB
Dynamic Door Child Component Rotation Anomaly.v2-edit.skp (913.6 KB)

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