How to change dimensions of individual lines


I try to change the dimension of just a few individual lines. Wether I select them before choosing in “Styles”>'straight lines">0,4pix, all lanis change simultaneously.
Is this because I use the free web version?
Please advise


styles changes will change the appearance of all edges in SU regardless of which version. There is no option to change “line weight” of individual edges in SU.


Styles impact all edges equally. What exactly do you want to achieve?


I am sketching the ground floor of a house. Outer walls en loadbearing walls should be drawn in heavier lines than inner walls. Doors and windows shoul ha yet another dimension. Otherwise the builder won’t know how to construct the house.

Thank you for your answer


Lineweight like that is not a thing in Sketchup. You can use varied lineweights in LayOut but in SketchUp, lines are intended to be edges of faces for 3D models. SketchUp is a 3D modeling application after all.


OK, I will have to use a different program

Thanks for your help


It sounds to me as if you need to be using a program designed for 2D work, not a 3D modeling program.

Best wishes.