How to avoid Construction points get deleted by 'delete guides'

Is there a way to avoid certain construction points to get deleted with the delete all guides command?
Even construction point inside a locked group/component get deleted!

You could use selectiontoys to select all the guide points at once, then delete them. It won’t select grouped guides.

I don’t know how to avoid that with the delete all guides command though.

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No. You have to use a workaround. For example, you could create a layer for a set of lines that you use as construction lines and colour them to distinguish them from normal black lines. But they wouldn’t be dotted or extend to infinity.

You can’t stop the native tool deleting all guide lines and points.
In the past we’ve all tried grouping, layers and locking - without success !

But if your specific cpoints are added into a particular entities context by your own tool, then you could do the following…
Make an array [unique] of these cpoints [each with their reference and position] - probably saved with the model OR when nested with the entities-context definition itself, each in an attribute dictionary item - i.e. one entry per entities context ?
Have an entities-observer attached to each of your cpoints entities contexts as the cpoints are added.
If that observer detects a deletion in those entities, then it can pass the reference to that entities context to other methods in your tool.
Your methods can then iterate the the cpoints in the stored array.
If any of those cpoints are missing [now reported as deleted] then a new cpoint can be added back in the entities context - using the stored position, and the now defunct element in the array removed from the array.
This way any deleted cpoints you have stored are essentially ‘persisting’, because your method auto-recreates them from stored data.
Your tool needs to add your entities observer to each entities context [i.e. on to those which have got remembered cpoints attributes] as each model opens.
If your tool needs to modify these ‘persisting’ cpoints, then although moving them is not an issue, if you want to delete such a cpoint you’ll first need to remove its entry from the stored array, then add a new one to the context AND then into the array, then you can delete the unwanted cpoint [which is of course no longer included in the array, so it will be skipped over in the observer triggered check].

Guide Tools

Locked Guide Saver
Delete all guides except those in a locked group or component

It’s one of those endearing and illogical ‘features’ bestowed upon paying SU Pro users.

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