How to automatically accept the tangent of the two point arc tool?


When using the two point arc tool (A) is there any way to automatically accept the green tangent line?

For example, I have an open path and I click on it with the arc tool to begin the arc. I then select the next point where the arc will end. Sketchup automatically shows a green arc bisected by a line indicating the tangent.

Is there any way to automatically accept this tangent? Otherwise, I find myself hunting with the mouse to find it again. When I’m tracing a lot of arcs over an imported image I’m almost always wanting to accept the tangent. Constantly searching for it is nearly tripling the time it should take.



The truetangents plugin can be useful.


Is this what you are doing?

If so, it’s just a question of double clicking on the second point. However, as you can see from the second example, you don’t necessarily get an arc tangent to both lines.


@simoncbevans YES!! That’s exactly what I was after. Nowhere in the tutorials does it say you can doubleclick. I think I had tried every key on the keyboard, right clicking combos, etc. But, never double-clicking.

And, you’re right–you don’t always get the tangent. But, more than 80% of the time the green suggestion is what I’m after. I knew there had to be a way to accept it.

Thanks for the tip.


It doesn’t have to be a quick double click - two separated clicks works too.

I agree that not everything is found in the tutorials! I’d been using SU for AGES before I discovered that triple clicking selects all connected geometry, which you can then easily turn into a component using the g key and filling in the dialogue. Previously, I had to select all the new geometry, and de-select any existing components caught by the selection, before making the new component.


From the online manual re double and triple clicking:


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Both ends need to be the same distance from the virtual intersection of both edges (if you were to extend them, so to speak).
But still, you can get the magenta “tangent to both edges” if you slide the cursor along the second edge to find the tangent point. Then double click as you already said.
(the second edge is the one closest to the virtual intersection of both edges)


@simoncbevans I think the double-clicking in the select tool is more or less part of the ‘I-don’t-want-to-click-on-all-the-entities-I-wanna-select’ functionality of SketchUp, where as the double-click of the Arc-tool is part of the Edit tools functionality, like in the offset tool or Push/Pull. The last are also mentioned in the tutorials, but the double clicking of the Arc tools only in the release notes, I think.
Here, the radius of a drawn arc is edited in the entity info, and that radius is used when you double-click in the corners of the square.

You can use this ‘technique’ to get the tangent of two lines automatically, you would have to have a face, though.:

now, doesn’t that do the trick?:joy::wink:


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