Arc Tool help pls

Sometimes entire arc segments are selected with a single click, and extrude with hidden segment lines. Other times, only individual segments can be selected and lines are visible when extruded. What causes this to happen?

The arc tool offers bright green/blue inference that indicates tangent to connecting line segments. Sometimes, the tangent indicator is triggered simply by beginning to draw an arc, other times I have to search for the snap, and sometimes it never shows.

How can I get consistency with the arc tool?

Hi there. First up, have a look at this video from SketchUp on YouTube: SketchUp Training Series - Arc Tool

The reason that segments of the arc get selected instead of the whole thing, is that your arc’s segments are “broken”. Draw an arc and right-click on it. There’s an “Explode Curve” option which basically turns your arc into a combination of segments. If you want to “heal” or “join together” your arc, download the Weld Plugin from the Extension Warehouse.

Cool, Thank you!

I watched the video and understand everything except that sometimes the arc tool automatically snaps tangent to an existing connected arc - the tangent snap is available before the second point of the arc width is established… I hope that makes sense, I’m hoping there is a way to reliably initiate this feature - for now it just happens sometimes, others not.

I had trouble understanding this. Do you mean something like this:

Exactly. Sorry, my explanation could have been more clear.