How to "auto-log-in" into sketchup

is there anyway to “lock-in” the log-in and password… this VERY annoying having to look up my log in and password every time i go to use it. Im already having to use DUO to log in to work pc, why isnt that good enough?

FIGURE IT OUT BOYS. This shouldnt have to be this way.

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I think It should ask you once every 28days.

If you are having to log in every time (unless you only use it every 29 days :wink:), then something with your setup isn’t right.

You might want to make sure your system clock is correct - that can cause issues

Also, you can simply save your login details in your web browser or use one of the 3 SSO options to sign in with.

I use sketchup every couple of weeks or longer depending on the project. I do not want google to save my password, nor do i want to use any of the other large company log ins (facebook, etc) i would think they could somehow authenticate me once, on this machine, and that would be that. put a cert, or token or something, or better yet, dont log me out.
why does it even need me to “log in”. there is nothing to track. its just a face making program…not like i got bank account info or something. seems ridiculous.

If you are in Windows 10, keep your user and pass on the clipboard, and pin it.

I understand all the words you said, but i am not following you… could you explain. How can i pin a clipboard, let alone see whats on the clipboard… and can you have more than one…

Google “Windows 10 Clipboard”. That should answer your questions.

Get a password manager like 1Password and store your login info in there it is super simple
to use.

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yeah, corporate says no.

How come nobody acknowledges that there is no real reason for a log in?
now, if i wanted to install an add-in, i could see that for a log-in.
But to just create some faces, and apply a texture…why…

Because corporate has purchased you a subscription that logs into a server to retrieve your license token, so you can use the software offline for a period of time.

Life must be hard if you don’t use any shape of password manager. Hard to stay secure too! How do you do it without writing them all down in a little book or using the same password everywhere?

Very unusual corporate security indeed.

And pinning an unencrypted log in and password to my clipboard is secure!?
hardly, and when does that habit turn deadly…

again avoiding the question. why is this program requiring a log in and password, every time i go to use it, for something so mundane. I don’t expect Trimble to answer, cause they don’t care, but i cant believe nobody else sees this as cumbersome.

i cant even see my task manager without call up IT, so … yes writing them down is what i have to do.

Adam answered already.
it’s supposed to ask for a login once every 28 days.
if it’s required every times or so that you launch it, it might be good to talk with your IT. could be that the auth token is written somewhere they have a tendency to wipe out. a temp folder perhaps.

as to why it’s required… well because that’s the security parameter Trimble set for all their softwares. You do realise that trimble is an empire and that sketchup is just a province. The trimble ID we use is not a SU-specific ID. it’s a TRIMBLE ID. it grants you access to a variety of Trimble solutions and softwares. You may choose not to use any, but it’s your choice.
They chose a 28 days token. Adobe has chosen a different path, an intrusive app that is always on and runs dozens of processes in the background, exchanging logs with servers every few minutes.
I rather login every 28 days, it takes less than a minute, with or without 1password, than have spyware active all the time.

Sketchup pro is more than a mere “face maker”. and trimble has much more than Sketchup in mind. And they chose to extend the security they offer to all their users to the SU users.

you can use a simple memo technic password. you can write it. you can click “forgot my password” every time. you can use connection through google, apple, or facebook. you can use a password manager like 1password. you can save your password in your browser.
you have solutions. so, to quote you,