How to attach the Default Tray (outliner) back to the normal positiono

Somehow my default tray is not pinned to the right side of sketchup any way I can restore it or pin it back to the right without reinstalling sketchup

If it is not visible, try Window Menu → Default Tray → Show Tray

If it is visible, grab it by its Title Bar (bluish gray with black title showing “Default Tray”) and place it where you want it.

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@jean_lemire_1 I did that(moved it to the right) but it’s not the way I want it to be I think I’ll just reinstall sketchup


@mihai.s has given you two options, here is a third. Like most things in windows a double click of the title bar will move it into place.


I can do that but the main problem with this is that I can’t see the measurement box on the bottom corner which makes work difficult

You can move the measurements. For example, I dragged mine to the top.

Then the tray isn’t Docked, use one of the methods @mihai.s demonstrated.

@MwelwaRoronoa by the way, where did you get that graphics card that you’re using?

@francisquitof It came with the pc and I hate it​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Dude you’re a genius it worked​:heart::heart::heart:

@Box @jean_lemire_1 @mihai.s thanks it’s back​:heart::muscle::grin:

Whether or not you hate it, enter the manufacturer and model name in your forum profile. Also correct the operating system information. Windows 10 is NOT the graphics card and 2022 is NOT the operating system.

I honestly didn’t know about that so the profile shows the system am using when I post a question?

Your forum profile shows the information you entered when you signed up to the forum or last edited.
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Entering incorrect or false information doesn’t help us help you when you have questions or problems.

I see🙄 your right let me change that right now