How to animate a moving object?

Hi , how do you animate a screw from one location to another location? All in Sketchup natively, without using any extensions? Is it possible?

When I created a scene where the screw is in up position, then created a second scene with the screw in the down position, but the new “down” position will overwrite the old “up” position. so essentially the screw is not moving from one scene to another.

Tried Fredo, but very buggy, will crash SU every other step. Tried keyframe animation, but doesn’t work with Vray for rendering the animation.


You need to make multiple copies of the screw. Assign a different tag/layer to each copy and then change which one is visible for each scene. For a short screw you might do this in two or three scenes. In the following, I have 24 scenes. Click on it to take you to the animation.

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I have two scenes, one scene screw is up, the other screw is down. when I render in vray animation, seems it only renders whatever the scene I am currently on, for example it rendered 29 frames with the screws in up position.

should I make more than two scenes? it is a really simple animation, just the screws goes in.

I think you need to look into how Vray handles animation and different visible tags.

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