How to Align Diagonal Beam

I’m struggling how to rotate and align 2x6 panks along the bottom of the joists on a deck design I’m working on. I’ve roughed in what I’m trying to achieve in the following image:

If I create a 2x6 plank outline I can’t figure out how to move, rotate and then tweak to make the plank perfectly align like this.

The main challenge is that the plank isn’t at the same angle as the line joining both corners of the square and I can’t align using the rotate function on one single side of the plank.

Anyone able to see how to do that and able to walk me through the step by step process? THANK YOU!

You can use the Pie tool to give you snap points.
Pie guide


I was interrupted when creating the animation, so Box “beat me” , but here are a little more details…complementing Box post.



Amazing! Thank you so much! Really appreciate the effort put into helping me here.

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Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to teach me the new tool, this will totally work!

Looking forward to completing my design now, thanks for the tips!

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