How to add something to a specific component after it has been made into a group?

If I have two objects that are identical (which I should have made into 2 copies of the same component but did not), but one is a component (called component A for example), and the other is just a group. Can I make the group into a component of the same as “component A” so that when I edit one the other will also be edited?

If they are identical delete the non component group and copy over the original component.

You can leverage the power of the components. Make the group a component and check that its component origin and axes are in the same relative location as Component A. Don’t worry about the second component’s name because it’s only temporary. Select that component. Go to the Components window and make sure you are looking at the In Model collection. Right click on Component A’s thumbnail and choose Replace selected.

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It boggles my mind how fast you guys respond with an answer.

Dave, sorry to ask, but how do I see what the component origin and axes is?

I’m on my phone so I can’t make a screenshot but when you open the Component for editing the axes are displayed. You can display all component axes with Window, Model Info, Components.

That worked great. You’re the bomb Dave.

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