How to add extension in ""?

Dear friends,
Can you help me to add my extension in “”?
Thank you in advance

You are in a “wrong” forum with this question, SketchUcation has it’s own. :wink:
But I guess @TIG can drive you to the right direction.

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Let me try to be in right forum. Thank you again.

First you have to be a member at SketchUcation.
You can then post in the forums - including the Developer’s one.
There you can introduce yourself and give details of your extension[s]…
Then you need to apply to be one of its Developers.
If your extension is published in the EWH it’ll be acceptable at SCF’s PluginStore.
Otherwise SCF needs satisfying that it’s OK.
Once you’re a Developer you can manage and update your extension’s entry in the PluginStore yourself - there’s plenty of guidance and others in the forum will help…


Thank you Sir for your help. May I ask how can I apply to be one of its developers?

Go to your profile > User Control Panel > Usergroups

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Thank you for your help but it seems I need invitation of group leader.

And did you click on the ‘radio button’ ?

Most likely, the software that generates the forum has a function for that button as well. There is probably a notification in the forum administration panel that someone wants to be part of that group.

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I did but nothing happen till now.