How to add extension in ""?

Dear friends,
Can you help me to add my extension in “”?
Thank you in advance

You are in a “wrong” forum with this question, SketchUcation has it’s own. :wink:
But I guess @TIG can drive you to the right direction.

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Let me try to be in right forum. Thank you again.

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First you have to be a member at SketchUcation.
You can then post in the forums - including the Developer’s one.
There you can introduce yourself and give details of your extension[s]…
Then you need to apply to be one of its Developers.
If your extension is published in the EWH it’ll be acceptable at SCF’s PluginStore.
Otherwise SCF needs satisfying that it’s OK.
Once you’re a Developer you can manage and update your extension’s entry in the PluginStore yourself - there’s plenty of guidance and others in the forum will help…


Thank you Sir for your help. May I ask how can I apply to be one of its developers?

Go to your profile > User Control Panel > Usergroups

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Thank you for your help but it seems I need invitation of group leader.

And did you click on the ‘radio button’ ?

Most likely, the software that generates the forum has a function for that button as well. There is probably a notification in the forum administration panel that someone wants to be part of that group.

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I did but nothing happen till now.

Dear Tig,
I try to follow your advices step by step. I tried to be member of Developers forum but it seems I need invitation of group leader. I introduce myself in forum and asked for leader invitation but no one answer. I tried to send e-mail for him but no premission to send e-mail. I asked for help in Developers Forum but no answer!!!
My plugins (“MAJ Wall Maker” and “MAJ Door-Window Cutter” are in EWH but not accepted at SCF’s PluginStore. Your help will be highly appreciated.
Best regards,

I know that SCF’s Gábor recently asked you for details of your proposed Extensions…
It good news that they are now in the EWH, so you can provide him with the RBZ files and explain what they do and that they are now EWH approved…
You could also start posts about them in the Plugins forum, but don’t post RBZ files there…
Explain what they do, and that they will shortly be in the PluginStore…
It’s usually to start the posts title with [Plugin] and its name.
That thread’s first post is usually linked to the ‘More Info’ button of that extension’s PluginStore entry, or if there is more detailed info provided in its entry, then there’s a ‘Feedback’ button on its page that links to that first post…
I’m sure he will formally make you a member of the Developers’ forum soon, and explain how to publish your files in the SCF PluginStore etc…
He’s back online tomorrow, so I suggest that you PM him then…

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More than 2 weeks ago Gabor asked for RBZ files and details in PM. I send him RBZ files and also some details in PM but no answer. I send him reminder one week ago but no answer yet. I already posted and introduced my rbz files in way you said. Anything else can I do?

Wait until tomorrow, then send a PM to Gábor.
I will too…

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You are great. Thanks a lot.

Hello Tig,
So sorry to bother you with this old topic. I sent several PMs to Gabor but he never answers me. Is there any other way to apply to be one of the developers in SketchUcation?
Thank you in advance.

Moving this topic to Developers as it is not Extension Warehouse related.

Can you tell me how to add my extension in “ ”? Till now I have 6 extensions with about 40K views in EWH but cannot add them in Sketchucation.
Thank you in advance,

SketchUcation is a different website not owned by SketchUp. You’ll have to talk to the people running SketchUcation (e.g. by asking on SketchUcation).

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As a temporally workaround perhaps you can use the “old fasasion way”. I mean you can create a topic’s for each plugin here: [SketchUcation Community Forums] [Resources] Plugins
With a title like:
[Plugin] MAJ something
Then describe your extension in short and attach the .rbz file at to the first post… You always will be able to edit your post if you will have an update.

I believe that Gábor in the SketchUcation IT Dept has sent you a PM regarding your request…