How to add an attribute to a group in the graph, and how to find this attribute to export it in a report

How to add an attribute to a group in the graph, and how to find this attribute to export it in a report. As with dynamic components.
Can we create attributes in the dynamic attributes dictionary so that they can be used as we do with dynamic components.
There are several nodes for attribute management, but I can’t find the association logic for an output in Sketchup.

Thank you for your clarification on a crucial point! Who will or will not make the success of live components.


This is interesting!!! I have been wondering about DC-LCs, or are they LC-DCs, or DLCs (because they get downloaded from the web)? Will be watching your progress, keep on posting!

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Hi Sim,

Attributes can be added to primitives, nodes, and graphs themselves with the “add attribute” node. Unfortunately, these attributes do not (yet) survive the flow into SketchUp itself and thus cannot be reported.

I may have made it sound like attributes were an immediate SketchUp reporting option in the bounding box thread which isn’t the case.

The more demand we have for Attributes/Reporting, the more we can prioritise it over other features/refinements. I’m keen to hear your thoughts (and others) on how high this rates over other features/fixes.

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Extremely important, data is required with the drawing, it’s called BIM, otherwise the DCs need some love!


Hello Keith,
Please don’t wait!

I have been using Sketchup since its very young Google version, and I can make the following observation:
The dynamic components were locked (the code) and not updated, the Plugins around the dynamic components could not flourish to compensate for the lack of evolution and adaptation at the request of the designers, because the code was locked. :rage:

Trimble has added a shadow layer by moving the creation of reports online and without the possibility of amending the existing code to adapt the reports to certain business uses. We are forced to reinvent the wheel! :rage:

Finally, few users actually use the dynamic side of the components, unless enthusiasts, like me, have prepared and explained to them how it works. And designers are frustrated that they can’t adapt Sketchup to their jobs “easily” or without doing it in an illegal way vis-à-vis the code.Or we are forced to reinvent the wheel!

SketchUp is not for those who pay their Pro licenses a drawing tool, but a design and costing tool. Attributes are the cornerstone between the drawing and the quote.

Live Components online once again adds distance from plugin designers, as there is no doubt that the code will be locked down, undocumented. They will not be able to fill in some functionality gaps.
There will therefore remain the graph designers who will not be legion and who will work in the services of the community for the great glory of Sketchup!

If we don’t have control over the attributes and be able to attach them to our existing solutions, the mayonnaise won’t take! And the live components will be a flop, they will be used as simple components, forgetting the word live which made them new.

Expectations are high and if you need a plugin to have a real dynamic component for each design in the absence of a generic tool, that’s a shame!

You can add the two issues I raised to the top of your priority list:

  • Importing and exporting attributes from and to Sketchup.
    Example (import of a list of points, faces, curves…CSV…)
    Creating attributes in the dynamic component dictionary

  • The conservation of bounding box transformations to have usable reports.

If you want to make a PRO design tool, these are minimum requirements!

Thank you for reading this plea to the end!
Please don’t wait!


I can’t actually get bounding boxes to function using the group node, nor does the name function work on them (I just get the UID)
I don’t know if the group node actually behaves in the same way as a SketchUp group.

I can’t create a nested group within a group within a group for example

I don’t think this can be stated any more clearly. While I am very intrigued by LCs, if they cannot report their data they are useless to me. I can’t devote any serious time (time is money) to them until they can, and I can replace my DCs with LCs as an upgrade. As Philip said

Love SketchUp, my design build business runs on a suite of DCs I have built that automate my workflow so I can do it all myself (mostly). Without DCs I doubt I would be still using SketchUp. They are an incredibly powerful tool and I have trouble understanding why Trimble continues to ignore them, if there is no near future replacement by LCs.


And when they are at it, they should make the lists/schedules/reports as live links to be placed in LayOut and exportable in, say, Excel.
(If LayOut and SketchUp were not separate applications, it would be possible to select model items by selecting them in a report table)



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