Genereted dynamic attributes not appearing in report

Hi, I have been developing in the last few weeks a script to create assets and automatically fill in the dynamic attributes.

These functions have worked correctly, however when
I insert these generated assets into a project and generate the report, these filled attributes do not appear in the report, but all the others manually filled appear. Has anyone experienced the same and found a solution?

Silly question, did you add them to the list of attributes included in the report?

We cannot guess. Show us a snippet of how you are setting one of your attributes.

they don’t even show up in the attribute list.

Example: in this project i can see the attribute in dynamic attributes, but i can’t see it in report list


Here, i put it inside a function, but ‘component’ is the componentDefinition and id_prod is a value returned by an endpoint.

component.set_attribute('dynamic_attributes', 'iditem', id_prod)
  component.set_attribute('dynamic_attributes', '_iditem_formulaunits',
  component.set_attribute('dynamic_attributes', '_iditem_units', 'STRING')
  component.set_attribute('dynamic_attributes', '_iditem_access', 'TEXTBOX')

Did you redraw the DC’s instances afterward ?

Also, both the definition and it’s instances have "dynamic_attributes" dictionaries.
When the instances have attribute values that differ from the default, the values are stored in the instance’s dynamic dictionary.

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Yes, I redraw them.

Even in the saved file it appears in the report, but when I import the file inside another the attribute disappears from the report but stays in that dynamic attribute tab.

I ran with the component and with the instance, but even so the problem persists.

this might help