How to add 0.5" thickness of each side?

I’m trying to do a tank. I was able to get the shape but with only a full rectangle that I cut the bottom side. I want to add the border 0,5", but I don’t know how to do it. I want to try to get the cuts that I need from that with the angle too.

AutoSave_vanite-salle-de-bain-lavabo-inter.skp (255.2 KB)

try the plugin “Joint push pull”. after instal plugin, select sides (which one you want, if you want all, select all of them) then choose blue arrow icon in plugin toolbar, click and move then type 0,5 and Enter.

thanks. I’ll play with that plug in. In my first try, there is one side that is just wrong

I had to do them one side at the time, now I need to figure out how to extends the sides

and if I zoom (front view), I can see that the angle didn’t follow when I expand the sides.

Don’t overthink it, it is just edges and faces, move them about as needed.
I haven’t used specific sizes in this but you can. Note tapping ctrl with the pushpull tool will add a face at that point.


I try what you did, in 2 minutes, I did what I wasn’t able in hours :slight_smile: I’m still new to this tool, but it’s really powerful. Now I’ll be able to do my sketch at scale.

next step. How can I export the sides into cuts ? Suppose that I take your example, there is a way to generate the cuts with the right angles too ?

The way you model something like this really depend on what the final use case is. It’s easy enough to model something that has the correct thickness etc but getting the correct angles for cutting material is something slightly different. A modeled shape with thickness can sort of ignore how the bits fit together because it doesn’t need the internal flat edges to work. But if they are what you need it can be quite complex to get the answers you want.
Ideally you could just join the endpoints at all the corners and the faces will form, but the reality is things change when you introduce angles. In this gif you can see the dotted lines on the sides that show I needed to make triangles to close the face, therefore it is not flat. So no correct angle for a cut.
You can also see the angle between the two parts of the side is unusual, it is flat but may not be the most efficient way to cut the material. Probably two quite difference saw angles.

So if you are using this as a way of determining the construction of the tank in real life you would need to make each face a group of the correct thickness and then trim each to fit the others around it.
There are ways to do but I don’t have the time to go into it now, and certainly not if it isn’t what you need.

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