How to access a 30-day trial from a free version

Hello, I am on a free version and need to draw a floor plan for a class from scratch. The teacher only showed us how to import a drawing from AutoCAD and do it that way and he is on a Pro version. I know there is a 30-day trial but I don’t seem to be able to access it. Is it because I am using the free version already? Thanks in advance for any tips or help.

How long did you use the web version? The moment you sign up, the 30-days begins…

I downloaded my free version 2 months ago, but it wasn’t a trial version, just a free web version. I think I can still get the 30-day trial…Although now I decided I should master the free version since I have no interest in buying Pro just yet. Trying to draw a floor plan from scratch and can’t find the offset command, is there one in the free version? Thanks!

The web version has a nice feature that isn’t in the desktop version. You can click the magnifier in the upper right and type what it is you’re looking for. If you type offset it tells you what it does, and also shows that the F key will select the tool.

Thanks so much, Colin. I found the offset tool!

Hi Colin, do you happen to know what to do if the thickness of the walls is different? The offset command in SketchUP seems to only offset the entire perimeter, but my walls on one side are 6" and on the other 12". It’s my first day using the program and I am quite lost!

You don’t have to offset the entire perimeter. Just select the edges you want to move and offset them. Select all the ones you want to move 6" first, use offset tool then select all the edges you want to offset 1’ and move those. You might have a few lines to clean up where they meet.

Only about 15 years that I’ve used SketchUp, and I learn something new! Worth knowing that you need at least two coplanar edges selected for the offset to work. Not sure why one edge couldn’t work the same as Move/copy.

This is amazing and so is the community. I get quicker and more sound answers from you than from my teacher! :)) I also like using the program, it looks and feels almost like a toy, very different from strict and technical AutoCAD …I’m sure I’ll have more questions down the line as I am only building my drawing and am in top view. All the other students are much more ahead with their imported CAD drawings. Thanks again!

Would you also happen to know where the layers are in the free web version? I have tags but no layers…thank you :slight_smile:

I thought something similar when I first used SketchUp: that it was easy to use but couldn’t do much. I was wrong, it has hidden depths!

Layers were recently renamed to Tags so you’ve already found them. ‘Layer0’ is now ‘Untagged’.

Hi again guys,
How do I add furniture components to my drawing from 3D warehouse? I tried to download some but it gives me a strange message: see the screenshot attached. Again, I’m on the free web version!

Look on the right side for component panel and search there.
(Three little cubes)
If you already have downloaded it, use the ‘insert’ method on the top left.

Thanks so much! All good, was able to get some components from the warehouse :slight_smile: I have my drawing more or less (will need to add more furniture), how do I go about building a 3D model from it now? Everything is grouped and on different layers (exterior walls, interior walls, doors, windows, furniture), I know grouping it was important, although I don’t quite understand why.
Here is what I got so far…

I think I should mention that when I sent it to my teacher 2 days ago he said that I went too far and it would be impossible to group the elements now. But how does he know they aren’t grouped? He told me to re-draw it and “create the perimeter walls with the window openings, extrude, fill accordingly and then group. After that move onto different elements.” I got completely confused and didn’t understand what he meant, because my elements are grouped, only I when I created the exterior walls I didn’t create window openings. I created windows later and grouped them. I’m not understanding what he means by “extrude and fill accordingly”. Please help. Is it at all possible to create a 3D drawing now or do I, indeed, need to re-draw it from scratch?
My right walls aren’t blue like the rest of the drawing. I wonder what that means.
Huge thank you in advance!

If you sent him the SketchUp file, then he will be able to see your groups or the lack of them in the file. When you say everything is grouped, did you create a Group or Component for each part? Or did you just put them on different tags (layers). The tags don’t stop things sticking together and merging into one big object, but creating groups and components does. It’s impossible to tell from a screenshot whether you’ve created components & groups or not. You should leave all the edges and faces on Untagged. Create components or groups to separate parts of your drawing, then assign tags to those components.

Yes, you can do it, but if it really is a mess it might be quicker to redraw it than tidy it up. If what you’ve drawn is accurate you can draw on top of it without merging with it, assuming it really was grouped. Even if it wasn’t grouped, just put everything you have in a group and then draw on top of it, making components/groups as you go. Use your drawing to give you endpoints for the lines to snap to (inferencing). Another way is to select parts you want to separate out and make them into components, one part at a time.

The blue faces are the back colour of the face. The white or grey ones are the front faces. Eventually when it’s 3D, you want all the white ones facing outwards. You can reverse them later if needed.

OK so I am just as confused unfortunately. I sent my teacher what I attached here: only a screenshot. I made components and then I made groups as I went along: exterior walls, interior walls, doors, windows, dims, furniture. I also placed all my groups on separate layers, which is just for my convenience as I understand it, but I did group! My question is do I need to re-draw everything again? And why if I did group: “If what you’ve drawn is accurate you can draw on top of it without merging with it, assuming it really was grouped”.
Initially I was creating everything on the Untagged layer but then I placed all the groups on different layers so I don’t think I have anything left on Untagged. I mean, I never created faces or edges groups, so maybe they are on Untagged layer.
I just don’t know what the next point is to make it into 3D. But then I am also confused about whether to re-draw it or not. Both my teacher and you are saying I need to do that, but I don’t understand the reason why. I had a feeling that it was strange that he decided that my drawing wasn’t grouped and now you are saying the same even though it is grouped.

I am in top view now and not sure where to go to start drawing in 3D? Do I need to change views? But first of course, do I need to re-draw it and if I do, why and what I did wrong? Thank you!

It will be much easier to help you if you upload your model (the .skp file) here.

Yes. Change to Camera/Perspective view. Orbit using your middle mouse button, or O for Orbit tool, until you see your plans from and angle.