How should I finish this roof?

Hi everyone, first-time poster here and also just started learning SketchUp on my own recently. This is a project for school and I like what I have so far but I’m having trouble figuring out how to close up the middle section. If you have any other comments about my design from what you can see, please feel free to say so. I’m here to learn :slight_smile:

Hi @newstu17,
A few questions that might help with some direction:

  1. Structure: have you considered how you will support the inside eaves (edges) of your two gables, ie: walls, beams, combination and then the center section?

  2. Climate: does your assignment include a location, which can then inform you about snow, rainfall and wind considerations?

  3. Daylighting: are you contemplating natural overhead daylighting (skylights, clerestories, monitors)? Again location will give you some direction; north facing, south facing, skyward or none.

  4. Spatial: what kind of interior volume(s) are you thinking about, this will help you with thinking thru for example, cathedral, sawtooth, barrel and/or flat ceilings and as a result the roof enclosure above.

Good luck.

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