How many devices I can use with SketchUp for iPad

According to EULA 2.3. Device Limitations. I can use SketchUp license with two devices.

Is it work for SketchUp for iPad too?


Plans and subscriptions are tied to a Trimble ID.
You are allowed to be signed in on two computer devices ( actually instances of the desktop application) two ‘Mobile’ devices (phone/ tablets) and two MR (mixed reality) devices (hololens, oculus rift, etc)

So, does that mean you can install the desktop application on more than 2 machines, but just only be logged into no more than 2 of those installations at any one time?

Sketchup can be installed on countless machines, but only signed in and active on 2.

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Officially, according to that same EULA, you are allowed to install the desktop application on the same amount of seats that you have.

For the iPad version (and mobile apps) it’s a bit different, because it can revert to a plain viewer with less features than when you are signed in with a Trimble ID that has a payed plan.

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