Can Sketch Up Studio be use in more than 2 computers at the same time?

I’m purchasing 1 Sketch Up Studio for our company, is it possible to use it for more than 2 windows computer at the same time?

SketchUp Subscriptions | SketchUp Help

See in paragraph:
Can subscriptions be transferred to other users?
Are there computer or device limitations?

can it be used by 2 computers at the same time? it doesnt say that there so im really confused…

SketchUp limits installations of each application included in a subscription to two computers and/or devices. If you wish to transfer an application to a different computer or device, you should sign out of the application before installing the application in a new location and signing in. If you don’t have access to those other devices, you can always deauthorize all devices and sign in on your new device.

The application can be installed and authorized in three computers but one license is assigned to one named user.