How is that possible?


identical cabinets!!! But together shows wrong numbers!!! How come???

Post the file and someone here might be able to help.

Modify your units and add one decimal, probably 442 mm is 441.5 mm so 441.5 + 441.5 = 883

You need to increase the decimal places in your model’s dimensions in precision. My first image rounds up or down to the nearest mm using standard rounding principles, therefore with no decimal places a dimension of between 149.5 and 150.4 mm will display150mm. The cumulative effect is a display of the sum of all the rounding up and down whereas the actual dimension will be true in the model and to see it, change the dimensions precision as in my second image which has way more decimal places you’ll need for cabinets - precision-engineering in micro chips - now that’s a different issue

Thank you for the help!!!

Thank you very much !!!