How does collaboration work?

I have essentially two questions. I don’t have Sketchup just yet, but if I were to purchase the Sketchup Pro version, how does collaboration work in virtual reality? Also, how many users can use the same license?

What exactly do you mean by collaboration? You can use Trimble Connect to share SketchUp files with other users. They can check out the file to do work on it and then save it back after they are finished with it.

A normal license is for one user. You can use it on a couple of different machines but each user would need their own license.

Thanks for replying.

By collaboration I mean reviewing designs in virtual reality. Are the users meeting together allowed to make changes during this meeting or is it simply a view only meeting between multiple users in the virtual world?

Generally I think what you are referring to; Virtual Reality viewing would be view only but you as the user could have access to the model and update it as needed. I’m not sure that you can do the VR viewing and editing at the same time, however.

You would achieve this with a program such as Twinmotion or Enscape.
They have VR viewing mode and viewers can make tags or place notes inside them.
Im not sure that you can have multiple people viewing in VR at the same time, however.

You can edit sketchup materials and shift/delete objects within Enscape or Twinmotion, but you can’t really edit the sketchup geometry. That needs to be done within SketchUp. Fortunately those programs have a “live sync” capability so you can make edits in SketchUp and see the results fairly instantly within the VR mode.

Trimble connect also has a VR mode and can do more complex markups and project collaboration, but the model is not “editable” and it does not have a “live sync” abiity - To sync the changes between SketchUp and Trimble Connect, you must save the model and then upload it and process it, which takes some time (at least 15 minutes or so).