How do you delete multiple scenes from an animation?


There doesn’t appear to be a single ‘button’ to do this. Do you have to sit there and laboriously remove them one by one?


@spogadog, to remove scenes from animation means “not include them in the animation”.
And to delete them (from animation) means "delete their existence entirely.

You can do both quite easily by opening the ‘Scene Manager’ via a right click on a scene tab. > select ‘Scene Manager’.
The ‘Scene Manager’ has ‘View Options’, top third icon from the right in its window.
No matter what view option you choose, you can select multiple scenes by either holding down [Shift] or [Ctrl] while clicking in that list.
With [Ctrl] you add unselected single tabs to the selection.or subtract selected single tabs from the selection.
With [Shift] you add/subtract part of the entire list, subsequent tabs, to/from the list.
Yoe then have two options, see above:

  1. hit delete to delete the selected tabs, … gone forever !
  2. uncheck the option “Include in animation”. All selected tabs will now have their scene name within (…) brackets. These scenes now don’t “participate” in the animation.


Thanks. I’ll give that try.
( :open_mouth: ) ))