Scene deletion

I have a model with 20 scenes.
I’d like to delete them all.
It’s very tedious to select them one by one, select delete, then say yes.
Is there a better way?


Open up the scenes tab (Window>Scenes)

Then select them all at once (hold shift and click for multiple selection) and hit the minus or delete button. The message will say, ‘Do you want to delete these scenes?’, then just hit enter and it’s done.

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Tried multi-selecting them above on that bar, but it didn’t work.

select them in the scenes dialogue not the row of scene buttons. hold the shift key and select the first scene, it should select all the scenes., right button opens the context menu. Select delete

BTW you have no information on your profile. We can’t tell what version you are using except that this is in the PRO category so we’re assuming you use 2018 pro. We are also assuming you have a default tray displayed.


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