How do you create hot keys in layout?

I’m using Layout 15. I’ve asked this question before but I’m still not able to make it work.

Hello! If you want to set custom shortcuts, then you’re looking for the LayOut Preferences settings. Just type the name of the tool in the search box and add or change the shortcut. Mind, that some keys are not allowed to be assigned like in SketchUp. I don’t know the reason though. Maybe someone else can clarify that.

I get to that screen, then when I click on the command that I want and nothing happens. Also there aren’t any standard shortcuts shown. Any suggestions?

If a shortcut is assigned to a certain tool, you’ll see the key binding on the right, like in this screenshot. Ctrl+Y is assigned to Edit/Redo. If you want to change or add a shortcut, highlight your desired command and type the shortcut in the lower box.

Thank-you, that works. It was so easy. You don’t how long I’ve been trying to get this to work. Thanks!!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: But keep in mind that you cannot export your custom shortcuts like in SketchUp. If you uninstall or update the program, you’ll have to re-assign them again from scratch.