How do I trim these squares?

I’m planning to 3d print this. If you are insterested, that would be used to cut the upper piece of dough of pastafrola (a very common pie in my country you can google images)
So far I could do these

but I don’t know how to cut the squares in excess outside the big circle.
I tried following this tutorial:

but with no luck, I think I tried every option and I didn0t get what I wanted.
Every square is a component and 4 squares and 9 little squares form another component and the circle is also a component.
How can I do it??
I’m using sketchup for the second time I don’t master it yet.
I’m using V2016


I’d get off of the component / intersection path… and rework this with a slightly different approach.

Being that it’s going to a 3D printer you ultimately want to end up with a singular solid object. Even if this wasn’t the case, I’d still treat the overall model in the same fashion—mainly because it’s so much easier.

All of the diamond cutting mesh can be run through SU’s ‘Solid Tools’ / ‘Union’ function.

From there use ‘Solid Tools’ / ‘Subtraction’ function to cut things down to circular shape. BUT, in doing this ditch the thin perimeter frame (for the time being) and instead make a large donut shape that extends well past the diamond cutting mesh.

this should result in no clean up at all. but you’ll still be left with having to place the perimeter frame back on.

Things to help:

  • center this over the axis origin. so that you can easily use the origin point for the center of the circles you need to draw.

  • draw a single reference circle and make a copy of it. If/when you loose this, use the ‘Paste in Place’ function to bring it back in to where is was before.

  • Look at the ‘Offset’ tool for extending the doughnut shape that you’ll need for the ‘Solid tools - Subtract’ step.

Wow! thanks alot!!
I did as you said and I was able to substract the excess squares! :smiley:
but now I can’t join the circle with the squares :frowning:
Here’s the file