How do I slice a model in half?


Egg1.skp (179.1 KB)

I have placed egg inside a cube. Then I clicked reverse faces.
Now I want to slice this in half to create a mold.

I am having several issues.
First I am not really sure faces are reversed or even if that’s the correct method.
Second the egg seems to remain separate from the cube.
Third no matter what method I try to slice this in half the egg won’t slice.

Please note I do not have PRO.
I have attempted Zorro but no luck on that either. (Lack of experience)

Any help would be much appreciated.


Probably the simplest way if your egg is meant to be symmetrical is to PP to the midpoint, intersect, delete, copy and flip.
This gives you two identical but reversed halves.


Thank you for that excellent explanation! I was able to successfully recreate it and now am off and running on making new designs.