How Do I see on Sketchup before I print on 3D Printer?

Hello Genius Helpers!

I have had several prints from my students on “Free Sketchup” where on the model there appears to be no problems. However, when I print it (Makergear M2) there are definite issues. I will share a file. How come I do not see these issues? What on Sketchup can help reveal them?

I will also show a picture of what it looks like on Sketchup and of what it will look like after it prints.
Ava Myles’s for Maddy #2 (2).stl (5.3 KB)

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what that looks like?

When I import the .stl file I see some internal faces and edges that need to be removed.

After removing them the object is considered a solid and should be 3D printable.

Try this .stl
Untitled.stl (3.6 KB)

Thanks for sharing this with me! Are you able to tell me why I am not able to see these “problems” on their file before they send them? I tried to fix them but they do not appear. Thanks!

You must not have your X-ray glasses on. :wink:

I changed to X-ray style to see inside the model. To actually fix it I hid the side face temporarily then erased the edges that created the internal faces.

FWIW, it might be worth trying to teach your students to think about how the 3D printer will print something like this and use that to inform how the create the model. For a thing like this the it might go as below. I’ve compressed it a little to keep it from having to be spread out across the county.

From left to right. The bottom face of the box.

  • Pulled up to thickness. Then the walls and divider outlined.
  • Walls pulled up to the height of the low front wall. Edges drawn in to define the front edge of the side walls. Walls pulled up to the height of the front part of the sides. Bottom of the back section also pulled up.
  • Edges drawn in at the ends of the divider to allow the side walls to be pulled up more. Sides and back pulled up further.
  • Edges drawn in on the top of the side walls and the back section pulled to final height.
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So cool! Thanks!

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