How do I rotate 2D geometry?

Continuing the discussion from SketchUp 2016 Wish list:

Select the Component and then hover the Move tool over the selection.
Notice the compass rose that appears and the four grips within it.
Click on one of the grips to begin the rotate operation.

The rotation snaps incrementally if the cursor is held close to the rose.
Moving the cursor further away from the rose allows the selection to rotate freely.
Click to finish.

One can also specify a certain amount of rotation via the keyboard.

For example.

(duplicate of reply…)

… but this seems a long way to do it when you can use the line like Box shows :slight_smile:
{Edit: box’s method only works on Grouped geometry with the “move” tool - you need to group the selection before you get the rotation handles}

Hi Geo,

The vertical rotation of the flat items shows this in your movie, so thanks for taking the time for this. However it looks like I would have to make these items components & not groups, I can live with that I guess.

Question, sometimes when I make items components, the four grips don’t show, any ideas on this one.?

Also, why don’t we have these grips grouped items as well…?
(that would be another wish list … :grinning:)

Over & out,

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, the move tool, not the ROTATE tool… :blush:
Now I’m thinking the ROTATE tool should have the rotate functions (with grips) of the move tool…!!!

Both groups and components have the same rotation points.

And as has been mentioned in the other thread, the Rotate tool itself is even more versatile. Learn to use it.
Here it is with raw geometry.

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