How do I retrieve the Preferences dialogue box when it has "wandered off the screen"?

I know that you are supposed to go to Window/Preferences when one of the dialogue boxes has wandered off the screen. But what happens when the Preferences dialogue box isn’t visible? How do I get that back?

Try resetting the workspace…
Failing that, as a last resort hack the Registry…
I can PM details…

Tig, resetting the workspace is a button on the preferences dialog, if it ain’t on the screen…
Before hacking the Reg, which can be scary if you aren’t familiar with it.
Go to the Display settings of your computer and move the monitor around until you find the preferences window and move it back.
On a windows machine with the preferences open, right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution, move the monitors around to the most likely place, hit apply, if preferences doesn’t appear on the screen move it again and hit apply. If or when it appears, move it to the main screen and reposition your monitor to the correct layout.
It should now open in the right place.

Failing that go with tig’s excellent PM Regedits.

Of course he can’t access the Preferences !

Here’s the hack…
DO NOT use this unless you are comfortable with Registry hacking…
Close SketchUp
Windows Start button > Run…
Regedit > OK
In Regedit…
Find the entry…

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\PrefsPS

[change the subfolder’s ‘number’ to suit another SketchUp versions]
Change the values of the x and y to 0
Save those edits .
When you restart SketchUp, then open the Preferences window, it should appear top-left of the screen.

Use at your own risk !

There’s another way. You can use the Windows manual arrow key controls to scoot the window back on screen.

First, pick the Preferences dialog off the Window menu to make sure it has focus even though it’s off screen. Then hit Alt-Spacebar to open its system menu (the menu hidden in the left corner of the window’s title bar), Then hit the letter ‘M’ to invoke the Move command. At that point, you should be able to scoot the window around the desktop, including the part that’s off screen, using the numeric keypad arrow keys. Scoot the thing up and down and side to side until it moves into the visible part of the desktop where you can see it, at which point you can hit [Enter] to end the Move or simply grab the now-visible title bar with the mouse.



Thank you! This worked!

@Gully_Foyle : still solving problems 7 years later! :+1: