Is it possible to reset the position of the floating windows?

Hello there!

A friend of mine asked me if is there any way to reset the position of the floating windows. He put the outliner window out of the Windows’ desktop and now he can’t make it come back. Do you know any way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

The sticky dialogs that go astray can be reset back within the Sketchup screen real estate by going …

On Windows platform … Window-Preferences-Workspace-Reset Workspace

On a MAC …
Sketchup -Preferences-Workspace-Reset Workspace

You will have to move all sticky dialogs back into place.
Would be great if they could be locked down
And controlled more like LayOuts inspectors

Hope that helps


That works! Thank you James, I missed that feature!

No problemo :beers:
It saves folks from shock after wondering
"Where’s my sticky’a gone"

I’ve lost my ‘preferences’ dialogue box, what do i do?

Hit Alt+Space, then hit m, then tap any arrow key and finally move the mouse around without clicking until the preferences window comes into view.