How do I remove material from Back face?

When I select a single face I can see the material on both faces:

When I select multiple faces, I loose this 2 part menu which gets replaced by a single box with ‘?’

How do I remove the back material on all my selected faces? Thanks.

If you are on SU2022 as stated in your profile, You can use e.g. Selection toys Extension from ThomThom, to select faces only.

If you are on SU2023, You can use Ctrl+A to select all, then right click on a selection context menu: Select>Deselect Faces, then Ctrl-Shift-I to invert selection to get only faces selected.

Turn off edges then select faces and change front or back faces material.

Basics of SketchUp at

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Generally best to avoid painting the back faces in the first place.

Can you develop?
With no edges or profies shown, when faces are selected, I get the same menu with no choice to remove back face material.

Thank you.

This worked! Thank you!

Did not know edges could have materials. Cool.

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If you have group, component (or other drawing element like Dimension, Guide) that method will not work. You must have only faces selected.

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Is that mean you are using SU 2023? Would you please so kind to correct your profile!

You can select them using Crossing or Window Selections (right to left or left to right).

Or with just one click you can select all connected raw faces when edges are smooth. Do not try to select with double or triple click.