How do I put 2d Illustrator graphics onto the walls of a 3d sketchup model



I have these graphics I made in Illustrator and I’m trying to import them into my Sketchup model. (I am designing the layout for a museum exhibit.) I have converted them to CAD (as other forums suggested), but when I import i only get an outline of the graphics. Screenshots included.


Sketchup screen:


You should create a raster image, JPG, PNG, etc. and import that. You can import it and use it as a texture to apply to the wall.


Can you give me instructions? This is what happened…


So you don’t like the wall paper pattern? :smiley:

Draw a rectangle on the wall where you want the sign and make it the desired size. Then use File>Import to get the image. Make sure you have selected Use image As: Texture. Click Import and then click in the lower left corner of the rectangle. Drag the image to one of the opposite sides and click. The image will only appear in that rectangle and it’ll be the right size.

If you only know one dimension of the sign, you can make the other direction of the rectangle an arbitrary length to start with. Then when you insert the texture, make sure your second click is on the dimension you know. The other dimension will take care of itself.


Thanks for the instruction!!
Now if I can get it to stop doing this :confused:


You need to click in the lower left corner of the small rectangle and drag only to the edge of it.

Try this. Make a group of the walls. Then draw the rectangle and apply the image to that.


I sent you a PM.


I finally got it! :smiley: I just have to adjust the size better. Once I made a rectangle outside the wall and applied the graphic it worked. Thanks so much for your help!!! I’m on a steep learning curve with a week to learn the software and complete a new project! :worried:


Good work. Now that you have it as a texture image in your model, you can adjust the size in the Materials edit tab.


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