Importing 2D graphic for use as a texture



I’ve been unsuccessful in finding an importable graphic for fiberglass wall insulation–so I drew on up myself then found help article “Importing 2D graphics as textures” which says:

To import a 2D graphic file as a texture:
Click File > Import. The Import dialog box is displayed.
Locate the file you want to import
Click the 'Use As Texture’ check box if you want your image to be used as a texture upon import (this will require you to paint the image on a an existing surface). See the following ‘Importing 2D graphics as textures’ section for additional information.

The problem is I can’t find this “Use as Texture check box” rather I hit import, find SU file with graphic then all I’m given is option to “Open” which I do and graphic is imported–but as a group or component–not necessarily as a texture graphic in my materials browser.

Where to find the Use As Texture check box?



When you select File->Import, you get a dialog to select the file. At the bottom of this dialog there is a selection drop-down to choose the file type. When you select an image file type, a second selection drop-down will appear with “Use as Image”, “Use as Texture”, “Use as New Matched Photo”.


That’s on Mac. On PC, the selection options will be on the right side of the Open window.

In order to use the Use as texture option, you need to have a face already existing onto which you can apply the texture.

You might have a look at this old thing:



OK, that was a big help as it lead me to realize one cannot select a sketchup file directly for use as a texture. As you intimate, it needs to be an “image” file. So I went back to sketchup drawing and exported to 2D graphic (pdf)–and through that found that one needs to scrunch in the window so created graphic file does not have any blank space on sides and top. Then when I import into my model file, I do get the dialogue box options you mention.

So that get’s it onto a surface–Hurray! Now need to spend time searching how to get that imported texture to reside in the materials browser. Something to do with forming a “collection” I think.

Thank you!!!



Correct. a SketchUp file is not a 2D graphic.

Export as a raster file. eg. JPG or PNG. Use Zoom Extents to make the model fit the drawing window as tightly as possible and don’t be afraid to crop or adjust in an image editor.

Did you look at the link I provided?


If you select Materials/Colors in Model you should see the imported texture.


OK, you guys both rock!

Yes I did follow link to fine homebuilding article and will present it to my Sisters Sketchup Users Group at this evenings meeting, of which I am moderator/facilitator. This started as a “how do I get insulation texture/symbol on section views?” from one of our new participants last month and as is often the case, I was clueless. Group will be thrilled that I did my homework and came up with a few options.

Also, sure enough, did find the texture in Materials/Colors in Model–next step is to get this texture outside the model and resident of Materials browser by default. Any thoughts on how to do that?



I showed how to do that too in the blog post I linked to from Fine Woodworking.


Sorry bout that. Should have read it first before troubling you with more questions. Really appreciate the help–as will the SASUUG group tonight.



Good luck tonight. I hope it goes well.