How do I make solid objects with pushpull?



Elevator Boarding at an angle.skp (938.2 KB)
I want to make 2 solid cylinder shells around another cylinder - which is 10’ deep - but when I use pushpull it only moves the face in and out so there is a front but no back, or vice versa. See attached skip file. I need it to have both a front and a back.
Later I will cut out doors in the front of the central cylinder for entry into the elevator, and I’ll need to put in a floor and ceiling (will probably leave the walls curved inside). But it’s no good if I can seal the back of the cylinder and the rings around it.


If you lose the back with Push/Pull, try the same operation while hitting [Ctrl] once to get the +sign, to leave the original face behind.
After the operation check if all faces are oriented correct, meaning front (white) outward / back (blueish-grey) inward. To create a correct solid.


I tried that now, but I am still getting just a face on front or back, but not both. I have an iMac but with a PC K120 keyboard, so I tried both the Ctrl key and the Windows key, but neither worked.


Try the Option/Alt key - it corresponds to Ctrl on Windows, at least on a Mac keyboard, so maybe Alt on a PC keyboard?.

Also toggles Copy on/off for Move and Rotate tools, and guide points on/off for Tape Measure tool


Elevator Boarding at an angle.skp (971.7 KB)
Thanks, it worked…sort of.
Any idea why I can’t pushpull the rings to be solid too? It says it can’t pushpull on a curved surface, but the front of the ring is flat and the curve just goes around it on the side.


Not quite sure which ‘rings’ you are are trying to pushpull.

The thin RH ring has a small length of reversed face cylinder to its left. I deleted that, then the thin ring will push pull left or right without problem.

Was that the problem?

Maybe this was what you were trying to do?

Elevator Boarding at an angle.skp (1.0 MB)

PS, Why don’t you make the short cylinders on the very outside both different instances of the same component? I fixed one to have both end faces, thinking they WERE components, but have just noticed that since they are separate groups, only that one got fixed.


Sorry to be so dense, but I can’t find the reversed face cylinder you mentioned. I see that one ring is fixed, but what is the problem so I can fix the other one?

Also, since you mentioned it, I’m not sure how to create an instance of a component. Sometimes it comes out that way when I copy a component, but sometimes not. It’s irritating either way, when I want it the other way.


Sorry, it only looks reversed from the inside. It was a very short section of cylinder just to the left of the thin ring, which stopped the thin ring being push pulled to the left more than a very short distance.


You were probably trying to push pull the cylindrical part, not the end ring, when you got the message ‘you can’t pushpull a curved surface’

The easiest way to create a component (and I almost always use components rather than groups) is to highlight the geometry I want to make into a component (usually by triple clicking what I’ve just drawn, or perhaps by a selection window), then press the letter ‘g’ on the keyboard. That pops up a dialogue in which you can give your component a name, set its axes, allow it to Glue to a surface, and if desired, cut a hole in an existing face to which you can glue it.

Also, make sure that the bottom left checkbox is ticked - Replace selection with component.

You create further instances either by dragging them out of the Component tray or by Move/Copy or Rotate/Copy of an existing component in the drawing,


I’m not seeing the short cylinder in the .skp file you sent. Perhaps you already deleted it, but then why can’t I extrude the inner surface of the other ring?


I deleted it (the short cylindrical section) first in the last skp I uploaded. Image is of your original.

You need to tap the Alt key so the pushpull tool will copy the face, and then you need to reverse at least one of the faces.

Or you can just copy the face from one end to the other and Reverse it, or use the TIG Mirror tool to mirror it about a midpoint along the cylinder and do it in one go.


I got the plus sign, but as soon as I try to pushpull or anything else, it goes away and won’t pushpull, as before. How would I reverse a face?
When I do a copy, I have to paste the copy and unless I paste in place, it inevitably winds up not synching with the rest of the geometry, and there’s no “snap” into place this way either, apparently.
I don’t think I have the TIG Mirror Tool. Is that an extension?


yes, but I suggest you avoid extensions until you get the basic’s sorted…



Well, component stringer has been very helpful.
But right now I can’t finish my cylinder. How do I reverse a face, if that’s what’s holding it up?

SU’s help leaves much to be desired. It’s basically just a guide to the menu, not really helpful…


Are you on Skype? If so, send me a PM (private message - click on my avatar then Message) with your Skype address and I can show you. I’ve got 15-20 mins now, or else later this evening.


And to reverse a face, select it then Right Click on it, and choose Reverse faces.

When copying a component, pick a point of reference on it (usually a corner or midpoint) use the Move/Copy tool (Move tool with Option/Alt tapped) to place it using an inference point on the target to locate it. Or move along the axes only, using an arrow key to choose on which axis to move.


Elevator Boarding at an angle 2.skp (1.1 MB)
OK, now I’ve got most of the elevator how I want it but I can’t create the door, or rather, I can’t remove it so I can work inside. It looks like it’s not planer again, but then why can I pushpull it if so? The door has to be no smaller than this to be ADA compliant, but I stretched the depth of the elevator to make up for the narrow width. Hopefully I can make it at least 68" inside to be ADA compliant too, but I won’t know until I get inside.


You have drawn the door in the model context. To have it open the face in the Inner Cylinder component, select the door, Edit/Cut it, then double click on the Inner Cylinder to edit it. Edit/Paste in place the door opening, then delete the face inside the door (just the face, not the edges).

Skype me soon if this isn’t clear.


Have not looked at model yet but your comment maybe left over from previous discussions we had but, remember stringer has some limitations also and one is it can not be a closed loop. Almost all have some type of guide lines so make sure you know before using. That implies go back to orginal developer post to understand.


I think I’d better skype you now…


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