How do I make money using / uploading sketchup models?

Please help me , how to earn money uploading sketchup models on 3d warehouse.

Start with lots and lots of money, upload your models to the warehouse, sit back and wait, pretty soon you’ll have lots of money.


But How? What will be the procedure?

Because I have uploaded some of models over 3d warehouse & I don’t know how will I get money…

All models on the 3DWH are free to download…

you agreed to that when you signed up…

if your models are of an appropriate standard for the intended use, then people will d/l and use them for free…

when you have this ‘proof of competency’, you can use that and contact people willing to purchase models…

doing the ‘Approved Content Provider’ course and starting a Gallery here, may help in making contacts…

Manufacturers often commission sets of models that they then put on the warehouse…

there are also reputable companies such as FormFonts who sell models through their own site…

You also need to be using SU Pro to make any models you wish to one day sell…



There isn’t one as 3DWH is free, you need to sell models on something like Turbosquid or CG Trader

Your models also have to be well built and optimised in order to sell and you need to cover a few industry standard file formats not just .skp. You can use SketchUp and (Blender/Rhino/Modo etc) in order to make a model then clean it up in various file types.

If you want to only model in SketchUp then do as @john_drivenupthewall says

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Thank you for Suggestions

Thank you for Information John.

Can you share a link to your models in the warehouse?

Hi, I am looking for someone to produce Sketchup models of either new houses or extensions. What would you charge for this service? It would be ongoing but not continuous at the beginning. I would supply the drawings. How long would it take you to do this? Thanks. MikeJoyce.


Hi Mike
maybe I can help and I am sure we can find an agreement with pricing/results. You’re welcome to replay to this message if you are still interested.

Hello, Mike, this is a year late. However, if you still need a hand. I am all open. thanks.

Just am FYI, Michael’s last post was just under two years ago


As a SketchUp Make user, you are not allowed to offer work for a fee.

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Hello sir,

I can help you with this. I am an Architect from India. I am doing sketchup modeling as a freelancer for a long time. I Look forward to work for you sir.

Thanks and regards,
Faraz Mirza

As posted above, Mike asked for help two years ago. It may serve you to reach out to people posting more recently.