How do I make an item unique in the iPad version

I am new to sketchUp and am using the iPad version. I am stuck trying to find how I make an item unique? Any help is much appreciated as I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out.
I also have an issue with why the ceiling isn’t complete over one wall, if anyone knows why?

Make Unique is a thing for components. It does not apply to anything else. From what little I can see in your screen shot you have a bunch of loose geometry that is all stuck together. I expect you should have made a component or group or the walls before you added the geometry for the top.

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Once you have a copy of a component, you can make a unique component out of it by tapping/ clicking ‘make unique’ in the bottom context menu.

Share the skp file for the solution to the missing face :slight_smile:

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You are amazing, thank you soooooo much!

I have grouped and tagged the walls individually, the only think I haven’t tested is if I have made that one wall slightly higher? Could that cause the issue?
Thank you so much.