How do I install HouseBuilder in my SUMake 2015?

How do I install HouseBuilder in SU Make 2915?

You need to travel 900 years into the future to get

But it may be easier to > Read this thread

Also, here is the link to the plugin for download:

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The link to the Housebuilder extension given by jvleearchitects leads to an old, outdated version of the extension. There are current, updated versions available from Sketchucation, though. There’s an imperial one and one for metric units.

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Thanks @DaveR you beat me to it…
These cabbages have been boiled more than twice…
There are newer-SketchUp-version compatible RBZ’s for the two - imperial and metric - HouseBuilder Plugins - as he linked in the post above…

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@jvleearchitects HAHAHA…Yeah I know! I’m a GOOF at times…:slight_smile: That’s what “sausage fingers” do for you!
Thanks my friend!

@TIG Yes, unfortunately the links DaveR gave are in Sketchucation and I’m not a member yet…Money is hard to come by these days…I use to work in NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING in the oil and gas pipeline industry making (a very good amount) good money, however after the bottom fell out in the oil and gas industry (at least for me…and many others I suspect), I’m in the “minimum wage” (with 5 kids) category… I know boo-hoo me! :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your help guys (and gals)

Sketchucation is free, scroll down to the free link in the FAQ.

@Box Thanks for the info Box…I’ll check it out