How do I handle a multi piece project?

I am a pretty basic user of Sketch Up. I like to make drawings of my woodworking projects. I currently an trying to draw a toy Road Grader. It has many pieces. Is there a way to hide pieces already drawn, draw the next piece, bring back the previous pieces and attach the new piece, etc? In the past I have simply moved my project to the back while I drew the next piece but that is tedious. There has to be a better way. Thanks

As you draw each part, make it a component. In most cases there’ll be a counterpart on the opposite side so the original can be copied and flipped along the appropriate axis to make a mirrored copy. You can create layers for the various parts and assign the components to them as you go. Then you can turn layers on and off as needed so you can get things out of your way. You can also right click on components you don’t wish to see and choose Hide. Generally I find it useful to have the other parts visible because I use them as references for other parts I’ll have to draw. I draw each part in place where it’ll be in the finished model. You might find it helpful to work from the inside out, too.

I,d recommend not moving any pieces as you work on the project, it could lead to some horrible errors.

There are several ways to answer your question.

  1. If you make the pieces into components, you can copy one to the side and edit this copy.
    As you edit the copy the original changes as it is a component. When you finish the edit delete the copy.

  2. Hide rest of model. Go into component edit and hide rest of model. I have a keyboard shortcut set to < which does this.

  3. Create layers and assign components to the layers, you can turn the visibility on and off.

Depending what you need I’d go with either 1 or 2.

Daves already there!

Would there be a video demonstrating this idea? I hear you and knew experienced users probably had a way to do this, but I would probably learn better if I saw a demo. An example is worth a thousand words.


Check your private messages.

I like 1 and 2. It sounds perfect. Unfortunately I need to see a video to know how to do it. Can you direct me to one? I have been searching for such a video without success.


Check the messages on your profile, Dave is gonna show you by the looks of it.

This isn’t a video of a road grader but the idea is basically the same. See this.

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