How do I fix the connection between rounded tubes/tunnels?

I had to enlarge the bigger hole, and when I did, it meant that the tunnel/tube coming off the top of it no longer lines up with it. How do I fix this? I don’t really want to redraw the whole tunnel that extends from the top.

I tried to do intersect faces, but it didn’t seem to work as expected.

NASEnclosure-body-wip.skp (524.6 KB)

Seems to work ok. How did you do it so that it was giving you problems?

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For whatever reason, when I try to select the area with the pointer, it doesn’t select as much as yours does.


Ok, I managed to get a bit farther, but I don’t know how to properly open up the pipe so there’s an opening.

I didn’t do what you did, but I selected the entire pipe above and picked intersect faces and then did the same grouping and erase like you did.

But how do I make the opening?

If you position your model at a long distance from Origin (0,0,0) and work on such a small scale in mm, you will run into such problems.
Just as you selected the first cylinder and used the Intersect Faces command, you can do the same with the other cylinder.


Basics of SketchUp:


This model has a couple of problems. Recommend scaling like suggested and try using solids when possible. ThomThom’s Solid Inspector 2 is a big help here.

NASEnclosure-body-wip-FIX.skp (563.1 KB)

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ok. Scaling it up seemed to work. Solid inspector is telling me I have 2 surface borders. But how do I find them?

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Press TAB on the keyboard when the solid inspector is active and it will cycle though the problems. :wink:


oh. I didn’t know that was how it worked. That makes it so much easier.

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I know this design is a bit of a mess, and I didn’t create it. It was imported from fusion360, so that might be why it is this way.

I’m also trying to enlarge some of the board mounting holes on the inside, but I’m getting this mess:
How do I fix this? I attempted to fill the old hole in and create a new one. But what is going on here?


looks like it’s hidden geometry?

For the amount of time spent, it may be faster to start fresh and use the import for reference.

Yeee… importing from weird sources can have some funky and even braking effects. I tried using solid modifiers on you model but SketchUp just crashes. I also recommend starting from scratch using solids to build the forms.

An alternative is to run the original file trough blender to clean it up using some mods and the exporting as Collada before importing to SU.

View > hidden geometry an start erasing (e) lines until your left with something manageable to build from.

Drawing a plane where you want the hole and intersection faces will at least leave you with a bace line to aim for

Starting from scratch might be easy for someone experienced in SU. It would take me forever and a day.

It’s a good opportunity to practice…

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If you get stuck, The SketchUp You Tube Channel. Pay attention to the Square One Series. Plus there are many other videos to learn from.

NASEnclosure-body-wip3.skp (469.1 KB)
I managed to enlarge the mounting holes. I just had to delete all the hidden geometry lines and push a larger circle through.

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