How do I extend cylinder through a plane?

I’m trying to create a cylinder “post” on a plane which I can later extend through the bottom of that plane as I need to. I first draw the rectangular plane, then I draw a circle, then I “push/pull” the circle to create my upright cylinder on that plane. But when I select the end of the cylinder which sits on the plane and try to move it to extend through the plane, it appears to be attached to the plane and pulls the entire plane with the end of the cylinder rather than extending through the plane. What am I doing wrong?

Probably you need to be making use of groups and components. Upload your SketchUp model so we can see what you are working with.

Dave -

Here’s the file that I referred to whereby I’m trying to create a cylindrical “post” on the face of a plane, which I can then “extend” through the plane at a later time (as needed) by using the “move” command. Unfortunately, when I “select” the base of the cylinder to “move” it through the plane, the cylinder is attached to the plane and the entire plane distorts instead of the cylinder extending through it. Is there a way to do what I’m trying to do? Thanks!

Cylinder post.skp (181.2 KB)

Again, you need to be using groups or components so that the cylinder and the rectangle aren’t connected. As it is you have just create a hole in your rectangle.

Draw the rectangle and create a group or component. Then draw the circle and extrude it to make a cylinder. Select the cylinder’s geometry and make a group or component for that.

What is it that you are actually modeling?

Got it! THANK YOU!
To your question, I’m modeling a deck design.

So is the rectangle supposed to be the ground?

The rectangle is the deck floor. I know where I want the posts placed on the deck, and I know how high ABOVE the deck I want them, but I don’t yet know how low BELOW the deck each needs to be, hence my reason for wanting the ability to extend them through the deck floor later on.

Understood. So depending on what you need out of your model, you might want to consider modeling the parts you’d use to build the deck so instead of a flat face for the desk, model it with thickness, and so on.

Good suggestion! THANK YOU, again, for your prompt and helpful response!

Also remember that if you extend it too far above or below the deck you can always use push/pull to shorten or extend it later.

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