How do I detect an existing material/texture and place it on another element?



I have received an existing model and I need to change the material of the windows to that of the existing glass balustrade.
I am moving the file over to Archicad to render and currently only the glass balustrade shows up as reflective glass, not the windows and doors.
How do I find out what material the balustrade is and then place it on each window pane? Or how to I make the window and door glass reflective?


Get the Paint Bucket tool. Hold Command to get the eye dropper, sample the material you are interested in. You can then apply it to the faces you need to apply it to.

Many rendering programs won’t render reversed faces even if they are painted with a material. Make sure you don’t have exposed reversed faces. It’s also common for people to make windows with only a single face so the back face is always exposed when viewing from one side or the other.