How do I crisscross dovetail grooves in a panel

I have 6 dovetail groove going across a 48 inch by 48 inch plywood panel. I want to 6 dovetail grooves going the other way but when the push/pull runs into the first groove going the other way, it stops.

Before starting to Push the second set of dovetails, hit Option (Ctrl on PC) and push through. Then use Intersect Faces and erase the waste. There are other ways, too, but this uses basic native tools.

Since you have Pro, you could make cutters in the shape of the dovetail grooves and use Trim (or I would use Trim from either Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 for that. You could make a “cutter” for all the grooves and do them in one swell foop.

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I will give that a try. Your second paragraph far beyond my knowledge base - new Pro user of less than a month.

Try the first one and see how you get along. We’ll work on the second one later.

The second one could look like this.

I use Trim to trim the board with the “cutter”.


Wow, I like that 2nd one you are demonstrating - something I shall put on my list of techniques to learn. First solution working (with some effort)

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I’m in no way suggesting this is a better option than Dave’s, just did it as a reminder there are many ways to do things in SU. Often it helps to think laterally, this one came to me because I constructed an inlaid chessboard in this manner, where each square was a different wood, long before I had even seen SU.


I brain / experiences would have taken me down the Box path also. It would be possible to automate the process if you needed to do a few variations, using Profile Builder.

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Small point of order: you have indicated that you solved this yourself but actually you followed advice that @DaveR gave you. The purpose of including a solved insert is not to tell people you have succeeded but to point them to the solution. So you should really delete your insert and indicate the post that helped you most.

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Eye opening technique. Thanks!

Okay, Dave - I have struggled with this and I am officially totally frustrated - hate being such a stupid novice at something. I really need your help to walk me through what you did above kind of step by step. I don’t even know how to create that grid of dovetail grooves that you made into a “cutter”, let alone how to then trim as you are showing - you get exactly the result I want. Now I would like to use 48 x 36 base with dovetail grooves every six inches going both ways.

I sent you a PM. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner.