How to create grooved panels with multiple grooves


I wish to create multiple grooves on the surface but…sketch up has another bug in this area
If i wish to make an object and multiply and then push inside the only option is do it manually?
Becouse sketch up blocks a component of beeing pushed inside the surface! You can push it out and multiply but how to od it easly with grooves? Hel please

This isn’t a bug in SketchUp. It’s a workflow problem.

Don’t use a component for the groove. Copy the rectangle down the face and then use Push/Pull to push in each groove. After the first one you can double click for each of the next ones. Or, make the panel thinner, copy the rectangle down and then pull the face around the grooves out.


I think that would be much faster if you had a large number of grooves.

many thanks guys! it is the only way

You could also copy/paste the groove geometry:



It does require the ability to plan ahead which I realize not everyone can do.

MattL’s method is good too, and in this case probably fastest but only works for non through holes so it’s good to have a variety of options in one’s toolbox.

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You can see in the X-ray view that it actually worked but didn’t delete the outer faces of the holes. You would have to do that manually as a followup.

Yes. That’s true. So it sort of worked.