Dovetail Groove Around Edges

Total novice here, so bear with me. I have spent a few hours researching and trying things. I have a rectangle (workbench top) that is 48’ x 48’ x 1.5. I want to put a dovetail groove into the middle of the four edges. I have tried normal push/pull and a simple follow me but to no avail. End up with rectangular groove on three sides vs dovetail. I even tried making a pattern of what the edge would look like and put that next to an edge and did a follow me around the four edges.

Sounds like follow me will work well for this. You probably need to practice the tool. I can think of different ways to do this. But that is what I would try first.

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I would use essentially the same method I showed for creating the dovetail grooves in the top. Follow Me of a dovetail shaped profile from a corner will create a bit of bad geometry. You could start with a profile of the bench top but that doesn’t create an accurate representation of the groove since you should be showing the entrances and exits of the cutter.

Instead I would draw the volume of the dovetail groove so it’s a bit longer than 48 in. Then Subtract the groove from the bench top.

And then you might want to give some consideration as to what happens at the corners. Maybe they should look more like this?


Thanks, DaveR

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oh yeah. The corners. You didn’t say you wanted it serve any functional purpose!