How do I create a transparent side of a wall using SketchUp Shop?

All my searches end up with what looks like a different version of SketchUp. I’m guessing the Pro version. I was under the impression that you could use the edit function on Shop to make one side of a wall invisible so it is easier to see inside objects. Is there a tutorial on how to do this for Shop?

Assuming the walls are 3D and have thickness, you can paint the back face on the inside faces with a transparent material as well as the outside of the outer faces. Give the inside front faces whatever texture you want. so they show up. Then you can see through. I don’t have access to SketchUp Shop so this was done in the free version which has no material editing capability. I’m not sure if Shop has material editing capability but if it does, you could make the transparent material less opaque. Of course that can be done with the desktop versions.

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First, thanks for the reply. What I did was take an existing glass fill that has a blue tint in the top left part of the square and a mostly transparent part in the lower right. There is the option to adjust transparency, which I moved to 0%. So I paint the inside of the cube a color and then on the outside paint it with the transparent color. I also used the shift+erase to remove the lines. It seems to function.

I just need to try and remember that for the future.

I used the gray glass instead of the blue but basically the same.

How are you creating and uploading the gif for your examples?

I used LICEcap to make the GIF and then upload it like any other upload using the Upload button at the top of the message window.

I’ll have to check that out. Thanks again!

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