How do I create a torus-segment?

Hello How can i create a torus segment here between the 2 yellow circles?

Each circle has 2 cm Ø.
It should create five circle cross-sections of the same Ø, that reach from the vertices of the bow-line to the point, where the 2 circles meet.
If i try follow me, the ends become weird and some tiny triangles stay empty.

The tilt of the upper circle is not a clean value, but this depends on the main-body of the structure, a truncated icosaedron (soccer-ball) so it´s impossible to create a full torus with a matching circle-edge-number and cut off a fitting piece to put in.


When using the follow-me tool and circles, you always want them to follow a center line. Otherwise, you get that line on the on the outer skin of the extruded shape like in your second screenshot.

Our own Aaron has a really great tutorial on getting around this:

The key takeaway is for the first line segments to be perpendicular to the faces you’re extruding from. That’s how you’re going to get a cleaner connective tissue.

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The Dave-method helped with tiny-face-holes, but i still had to delete excess material at the connection-edges manually.

It´s a special kind of torus with a 0 radius (closed hole) on the inside (narrowest faces are triangles instead of trapezes).
So there is not enough room for the tutorial of Aaron.
That would make the circle-cross-sections intersect each other because of the reduced path-radius, that this tutorial requires.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Torus part.skp (449.2 KB)

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