How do I convert a 3d wall to 2d?

Hello! I have pulled my wall from 2d into 3D as shown in the picture. However when I use the Pull key to make it to 2D again the wall dissapears. How can I make the 3D wall to 2d like the other ones?


Why do you want to make them 2D? You could just select the standard Top view and they’d look 2D.

If you really need to remove the walls and leave only the bottom face, open the Wall group for editing and erase everything that isn’t the bottom face or its edges.

Thanks! It worked with the editing in group and removing everything except the bottom face and its edeges:D

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For the benefit of beginners, see this SU file for a quick way to delete the walls.

Getting 2D walls from 3D.skp (104.2 KB)